Buy or not Buy

Did you buy anything without you need? Surely everybody did this mistake at least once in a lifetime but am not talking about this. Like to take your attention to a general habit of people who buy something without he or she knows how this item will be used afterwards. Did you think on why we are doing this? Is there anybody pushing us from behind for buying this or that and to spent lots of Money? Afraid such a bad buying habit is one of the real problems of 21st century and it is because the technology development.


Can hear some of you are shouting by saying “Oh, God… Again we came to the same point!”. My answer will be “Of course!” then let me to explain how i realized it. One day my son went to a vacation and i asked him to tell me where he is. He sent me the site address of the hotel, have clicked on it without knowing that it was a mistake.It was a mistake because whenever i was connecting to the internet a pop-up was biting my eyes and it was the hotel’s advertisement. It was the same night i found myself while checking the plane tickets fort he place where the hotel was.

Upon i realized what i am doing, have stopped. Went to the refrigerator have had a glass of cold water. Then i took one of my favorite books and obliged myself to read it. I wanted to give myself a break because i was knowing that due to my monetary situation it was not the correct time to decide for a vacation. My unnecessary expenditure was for a vacation dream but do not think that it was the only one. Because after one day i bought a pair new shoes although i do not need them. Only i was trying to give myself a small gift in order to forget about the more dangerous one. It was a mistake! So what we should do in order to protect ourselves from buying the things that we do not need?

Am trying the following steps which nobody obliged to do it but i think it is necessary. 1) When you want to buy something be aware and ask questions to yourself. 2) Do i definitely need it?3) If the answer is yes, then ask yourself “What i will do with it?”3) If you pass the earlier stages then ask “What is my monetary situation” At this stage if you are not sure of the answer then go and-buy a glass of cold water and cup of coffee. Drink the water, this will give you a freshness. Walk for sometime, then drink the coffee while you are thinking again. Do not forget after many questions if you still want to buy it then either you definitely need it or you need to see a Psychologist to stop this bad habit. Follow the flow, stay with love.

Indian Poker

Today, the online gaming industry in India exceeds $520 million and is constantly on the rise. Two most profitable branches in this field are online gambling platforms and online video games.  Does this make it morally right with jesus? That is not for me to decide.

Online gambling is partly illegal in India, depending on different states. However, competing in “games of skill” is usually allowed. You will find many sites  where you can play Indian poker, therefore, playing card games like poker, backgammon and baccarat, or betting on sports like greyhound and horse racing is considered legal, as each of these games are, at least to some extent, based on skill.

One of the fastest growing fields of entertainment in India today is online gaming. This could be because the popularity of e-Sports in India is increasing, while gaming events like Indian Gaming Expo are receiving more attention than ever before. Statistics show that games in India mostly enjoy playing FPS, sports and various mobile games.

As for the future of online gaming in India, we may expect a huge increase in popularity of VR technologies, as they become more and more mainstream, while online gambling should also become more easily available to the public, seeing that the Indian Government has been taking on pretty big tax incentives focused on the legalization of gambling online.