How religion can improve your life

Religion means the belief and faith in a superhuman being. It is the pursuit or interest towards a supreme entity. There exist something or someone larger than life. What science cannot explain religion does. There are different facets of religion depending on the beliefs, values, and culture. Despite all these differences, one common denominator binds them which is the belief of a higher entity who dominates over us. Does having a religion affect a person’s life?How does religion improve our life?As Dalai Lama once said religion teaches you about self-control and not to put others down. How you react would impact how things will turn out. It is controlling those emotions such as anger, hatred or pride that we always have to be mindful of every day. On HealthHaving a religion teaches you mindfulness. Each action was intended to serve a higher purpose. More often than not. human beings resort to overeating due to stress and pain. Believing in a higher being provides healing. We have heard of stories where terminally ill patients were healed miraculously that even doctors could not explain. Like a cellphone, a human can get drained by the mundane of life. If left uncharged, a person will be like a walking zombie on Earth. Prayers recharge the soul and the spirit.


On RelationshipsOne scripture says, “whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.” The inspiration behind the golden rule. Imagine a world where everyone treats each other as siblings, the world would be a better place. This is a Godly trait that even the pious have a hard time emulating. And yet it is a basic principle. a reminder of how we should treat each other.On Dreams and AspirationsLife, in general, is full of surprises — they can good or bad. Oftentimes, life gets in the way towards your dream or aspiration. For the religious, their belief in God allows them to surrender their worries about the things they cannot control. It is not to say that they stay still and wait for a miracle to arrive.


The scripture reminds everyone to always put their best effort forward and surrender the rest. In a lot of ways, these promises give you the courage to stand up and fight for those dreams and aspiration. He preached in the scripture that the main mission of people is to bring heaven to earth for there is so much goodness that should be shared to everyone.On MoneyFor some religious, they believe that money is the root of evil and thus, is a path that should not be taken. Yet, certain religious groups who took the scripture differently. That money is not evil, it is what we would do with it that makes it so. If used in the right purpose, then it is godly. God provides, even in the struggling times, God will provide you anything you need. Money is another instrument to share blessings with other people. It is in loving other people which is taught in the church that even the use of money is deemed holy.